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Recycling Services

Here at Hardings Valley Skips we don't do things by halves. for every single container of waste you send us, over 80% of its content will be recycled. Wood, brick, metal, inerts, cardboard... all of it is segregated on your behalf... leaving less than 20% to go to landfill.

Once we've loaded it for collection, the skip heads straight back to our waste recycling centre in Rossendale. The first port of call is the Weighbridge, where we weigh the vehicle with and without its waste load in order to calculate how much the skip is carrying.

Your waste is now ready to begin its journey down the main recycling line. It's loaded up into an enormous Intake Hopper, which displaces the waste beore sending it up the belt towards our Trommel.

The Trommel (a revolving cylindrical sieve) is 4 metres long and nearly 2 metres in diameter. The drum has 100's of 40mm holes, through which dirt and earth drop. The remaining waste is pushed onto a conveyor, which is then hand picked to remove large items and recyclable material such as wood and metal.

Your brick rubble is still on the conveyor, along with miscellaneous waste. At this point, an enormous electric motor, the Blower, generates a massive blast of air, sending any general waste hurtling into a container. The Brick and rubble then continues it journey and is deposited outside to be used as hardcore.

80% of all waste RECYCLED

How is your waste recycled:

  • Wooden window frame will be shredded and used to make chipboard.

  • The metal will be fragmented and melted down to form new sheet steel for manufacturing.

  • Screened soils go to civil engineering and landscaping.

  • The cardboard rubbish is baled and sent back to the paper mill to be reborn.

  • The electrical cable is stripped for its copper content.

  • Your old kitchen bricks, along with any concrete, can be crushed and used as secondary aggregate to build roads and go to construction sites, thus reducing the pressure to use virgin materials.

As you can see we take our Waste Management Role very seriously recycling the majority of the waste we collect. We are full licensed and can provide help with all aspects of your waste management audit and SWMP compliance. For information on prices click here

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